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Pay-per call is a boon for the present businesses. With its help, entrepreneurs are taking business to a next level where quality and quantity are not compromised for. Pay-per call or cost –per call is an advertising model, in which you get inbound customer calls and the advertiser pays as per the number of telephone calls made by the prospects.

Pay-per call is a relatively new advertising strategy where the lead calls you. It is different from pay-per click in terms of direct interaction with the prospective buyer. Both are online advertising models, but pay-per call incites a customer to make a call which is an advantage over pay-per click. On the other hand, pay-per call is much more expensive than pay-per click and any irrelevant call hypes up your expenditure.

At Aptitude Marketing Group, a dedicated team of trained professionals work on the campaign development and supports the success and growth of our affiliates. Our robust call tracking systems record each and every call for quality checks. The demographic location of the caller call can be traced along with the date, time and duration of the call. More and more people are shopping online and customer is sharper than ever and they too mean business. Pay-per call has enhanced the ease to call by just clicking a link, without dialing a number manually. Its significance has increased considerably over the past few years, with the growing usage of smart phones. These data driven devices promote pay-per call model and makes it a justifiable avenue.

The biggest advantage is the lead calling the advertiser, without any time and money invested in cold-calling or buying leads. It attracts customers who are close to making a decision for their purchase. These inbound leads automatically qualify, as their making a call to you reveals their attraction in your product or service. You can see where the call was generated from with the help of tracking devices, thus making follow up calls easy.


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